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Imo Babics

CMO at Relai

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My Story

I am a marketing expert with over 14 years in B2C marketing (5 of those years in startups and scaleups). I have worked with global brands like Bitpanda, Xbox, PlayStation, EA, Huawei, and Universal Pictures.


Currently, I'm building Relai - the only Bitcoin app that makes buying Bitcoin and holding your keys as simple as ordering a pizza (minus the pineapple, of course). My strengths include building killer teams, creating successful brand campaigns, growing revenue, and making the most out of any budget.


Before Relai, I was the Head of Marketing at Austria-based Bitpanda, a leading European web3 investment platform for Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, stocks and commodities, where I played a vital role in establishing it as one of Europe's most important fintechs.


Born in Slovakia, my journey has taken me to living and working in Bratislava, Milano, London, and Vienna. In my leisure time, I enjoy playing football, running, and embracing the joys of parenting.


Mentorship topics:

  • Marketing & Growth

  • People management

  • Team management

  • Transitioning to a startup role from a corporate

  • Transitioning to a Leadership/ Management role

  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

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