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Evghenia Grozman 

Cloud Agnostic Consultant 

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My Story

Holding a Bachelor of English Philology and a Master of Marketing, my professional journey has been dynamic and diverse, augmenting my transition from Philologist & Translator to Marketing Specialist, evolving into Digital Transformation Project Management and finally applying all my previous experience, competency and skills in my capacity as a Cloud Agnostic Consultant.


As a Cloud Agnostic Consultant, backed up by experience in a global marketing services company, including as Project Manager of a Digital Transformation Pilot for IBM, I have built up a solid foundation in the cloud environment to be able to initiate and plan cloud projects from scratch and showcase to C-level Executives the role of cloud in revolutionizing business operations.


Due to the unique blend of a very structured mindset, technical expertise, project management, leadership acumen, and continuous learning capabilities, I discovered that my strengths lie in my ability to understand and simplify complex concepts, translate information into actionable insights, devise plans, strategies and frameworks from scratch, thoroughly execute research for any complex topic, gain new knowledge and skills and navigate the rapidly evolving complexity in both cloud landscape and professional landscape.


Over the years, my dynamic journey led me to change three different countries, change my career several times, author an original framework in the Cloud Industry on Cloud Projects Classification and author an Exploratory Research on the Opportunity to Develop Students’ Competences on Augmented Reality Technology exhibited in Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft (OCG) publication.


Mentoring Approach


My Mentoring Approach is shaped around sharing my knowledge, insights from my previous experience, my values and guiding principles.


One of the main goals of my mentorship is to try to make a difference and a positive impact on your career through guidance, advice, support and fresh perspectives on existing challenges. Given the dynamic nature of the professional landscape, I will try to help you understand how to navigate the upcoming challenges with more dexterity.


I will provide constructive feedback in order to guide you on how to leverage all the skills and instruments at your disposal to solve career and business challenges and how to effectively manage the associated change.


Mentorship topics:

o Career planning & development

o Project management & coordination

o People management & Team management

o Communication skills

o Where to begin your journey

o Transition into a new career

o Switching from single contributor to Leadership/ Management role

o Digital Transformation

o Cloud Computing


Availability and Expectations


The minimum duration of the mentorship is 3 months or more, depending on your personal and professional goals.

The expectation from you as a mentee are to maintain respectful and timely collaborations and to execute as accurately as possible the discussed assignments.

The method of collaboration can be both face to face and online, in English.

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