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Melissa Gil Schmidiger

Global Head Employer Brand Marketing at Credit Suisse / Integral Coach

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My Story

At my core, I am intensely curious about why things work the way they do.  So in my former life,  I re-engineered the design processes  for high end residential real estate.  I was asked to apply this thinking to building an innovation factory for apps in Singapore Telecommunications in 2012, We combined insight, data science and rapid testing to create award winning apps for Australia, Singapore and Indonesia.   As part of a three person leadership team, I felt the full power of collaboration for progress, the weight of the mentorship we gave to each other’s team members and the value we each brought to the table. It showed to me that there are so many ways one can contribute in a “tech” environment.  I now have several years of work experience under my belt having been in and leading teams across the globe, including working with developers, data scientists and product managers - building products and services together for telecommunications and financial services. 

I would be happy to mentor someone who:

  • is transitioning from non-tech environment into the tech industry

  • Wants advice on career development 

  • has taken a long career break and wants to return to work

  • Has moved from another country or industry

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